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Access Spokane Public Library on-the-go! Find books, events, recommendations, and more with ease in our new app. Download our app for Apple or Android today! The app includes links to our digital library (such as eMagazines from RBdigital), updates on our construction … Continued →

Vintage Finds

Check out the full presentation here. Where to find your treasure: Antique Shops – If you don’t have a lot of experience, start here. The prices may be higher than other stores, but they often have lots to dig through. … Continued →

Recycle Art | Opening Act(ivity)

Hi, my name is Lisa. On Wednesday mornings, I usually host the Opening Act(ivity) at the Northtown Branch. Recycle Art Project: How to make a Faux Gum Wrapper Chain (if you don’t chew gum) If you are like me, your … Continued →

Rainbows | Opening Act(ivity)

          Hi, my name is Lisa. On Wednesday mornings, I host the Opening Act(ivity) Program at the Northtown location. Today’s activity involves rainbows. Can you name all the colors of the rainbow? Next, I would like … Continued →

Art Break | Writing Letters & Postcards

Hey all, it’s Eva with another “Art Break.” We are collaborating with Spark Central to present a program called “Stay Home and Correspond.” I’ve always written letters and postcards, and while working from home I’m taking more time for this than ever before. Social … Continued →

Simple Self-Care | Library @ Home

Librarian Clara shares some tips for simple self-care in this presentation. Read some of the tips below and even more ideas for parents and families in the link above. “While the suggestions I’ve given here are not for everyone, SELF-CARE … Continued →

Continuous Line Drawings | Opening Act(ivity)

  Hi, my name is Lisa. I usually host the Opening Act(ivity) program at the Northtown Branch on Wednesday mornings. For today’s activity, you will need paper and something to draw with. Continuous Line Drawing is when you use a … Continued →

Art Break | Rock Painting

Hey all, it’s Eva. I’m the Arts Education Specialist at the Downtown Library. Normally, I arrange for all the art shows at the Downtown Library and lead Crafternoon sessions, but I’m working from home right now, so I’ve incorporated Crafternoon … Continued →

Art Break | Marker Floral Design

This week, I practiced drawing flowers and leaves with markers. I don’t have a lot of markers at home, just a pack of Crayolas and some old markers from the Martha Stewart craft line. I used a lightweight watercolor paper, … Continued →

Play-Doh Sculptures | Opening Act(ivity)

Hi, my name is Lisa.  I host the Opening Act(ivity) program at the Northtown Branch. For today’s activity, I hope that you can locate some Play-Doh or clay. This is a sculpting by hand exercise with a twist. You cannot … Continued →

Making Bread | Library @ Home

                    We are doing things during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order that we might not do as often. Some people are watching Netflix, some are reading their favorite books…again. Then … Continued →