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May 2020

Area Map – 337 N. Post St.

Area and Volume Report – 337 N. Post St.

Request for Comments – 337 N. Post St.

Site Plans – 337 N. Post St.

Environmental Checklist – 337 N. Post St.

Signed Application – 337 N. Post St.

Shadle Park Cell Tower – Elevation

Shadle Park Cell Tower – Photo Simulation

Shadle Park Cell Tower – Public Hearing

Key Preliminary Short Plat

Gonzaga Haven SEPA Request for Comments

Gonzaga Haven SEPA checklist

Latah Substation Relocation Notice of Application

Five Mile Heights 6th Addition Map

Five Mile Heights 6th Addition Preliminary Short Plat Notice of Application

Selkirk Pharma SEPA

Selkirk Pharma TGDL

Request for Comments B2004156SEPA

Site Plan 1

Wetland Evaluation for BSP 2009

Notice of Building Application 840

Deforge Preliminary Short Plat Request for Comments

Short Plat Survey

Short Plat Preliminary Application

Deforge Preliminary Short Plat Title Report 

Deforge Preliminary Short Plat General Application

519 E North Foothills Environmental Checklist

519 E. North Foothills Site Plan

519 E. North Foothills Request for Comments

2020015 Determination of Nonsignificance 


April 2020

TR-5 Proposed Modification 13

840 Site Plan

840 Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation

840 Landscape Plan

SEPA Checklist – B2004604

Request for Comments – SEPA B2004604

Request for Comment – Z19-501COMP Nevada & Decatur

Request for Comment – Z19-499COMP, East Liberty Avenue

Request for Comment – Z20-045COMP, Railway Crossing Text Amendment

Request for Comment – Z20-042COMP, TR-12 Map Amendment

Request for Comment – Z20-019COMP, TR-5 Map Amendment

Request for Comment – Z19-505COMP, 10th Ave

Request for Comment – Z19-504COMP, 8th Ave

Request for Comment – Z19-503COMP, 53rd & Palouse HWY

Request for Comment – Z19-502COMP, 29th & Ray

Trip Generation Letter – Moran South Short Plat

Type II Application Short Plat

Stuart Title Guarantee

General Application – Whipple Construction

Survey – Proposed Short Plat

Moran South Preliminary Short Plat – Request for Comment

Papillon III – TGDL

Request for Comments – B2004604SEPA

SEPA Environmental Checklist – Papillon

Site Plan – Papillon Towers

Request for Comments – B2004669SEPA

SEPA Checklist – B2004669SEPA

Site Plan – B2004669

March 2020

Notice of Application and Public Hearing for Shoreline Conditional Use Permit

NSC Bridges Notification

Notice of Application and Public Hearing | SPO Shadle Park Cell Tower

SEPA Environmental Checklist

Amended SEPA Environmental Checklist

SEPA Environmental Checklist (WCE# 19-2394 Tangle Ridge)

SEPA Request for Comments

REQUEST FOR COMMENTS “Tangle Ridge” Preliminary Long Plat

Preliminary Long Plat Application

Preliminary Plat Tangle Ridge Estates

Site Plan – Ruby

Site Plan – Granite

SEPA Environmental Checklist – Granite

SEPA Request for Comments – Granite

Shoreline Permit Application

Request for Comments – Upriver Park

SEPA Upriver Park Project

SEPA Request for Comments – Community Colleges of Spokane

SEPA Environmental Checklist – Community Colleges of Spokane

Site Plan – Community Colleges of Spokane