Hispanic Heritage Month | Book List

  Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by reading from an author of Latinx heritage! Reading from the perspective of another can help us to expand our worldview and see life in a new and different way. Check out some of these … Continued →

Reading for Fun

Reading for fun? What is that?! As a student and an only-parent, it is difficult to find time to enjoy reading for pleasure. There is always another assigned chapter to read, home distractions and dishes to do that fill my … Continued →

Making Bread | Library @ Home

                    We are doing things during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order that we might not do as often. Some people are watching Netflix, some are reading their favorite books…again. Then … Continued →

Making Time for the Important Things

These last few weeks have been hard for many of us for many different reasons. My reasons deal almost exclusively with time management – lack of socializing, being a full-time student, working, yoga, and being an only-parent of 4 (3 … Continued →