These last few weeks have been hard for many of us for many different reasons. My reasons deal almost exclusively with time management – lack of socializing, being a full-time student, working, yoga, and being an only-parent of 4 (3 teen girls and a 4th grade boy). I’m figuring out how to do these things with distractions surrounding me all while NEVER leaving the house (love you kids!). These are the most pertinent things about me.

Here is one more thing about me: I love to read fiction, but I love history and truth, too. My newest addition to the time-management load is There, There by Tommy Orange (eBook and audiobook). I am halfway through the book and want to simultaneously keep reading and also put it down to process what I read. I’ve been reading it in small increments. This novel drew me in with the history lesson in the Prologue and the Interlude; the characters and their stories are enthralling. Each character’s trajectory holds the story to a common target at the book’s end.

This book is feeding part of me that I don’t get to feed often enough.

As we stay home and stay healthy, remember to do something that may add to your to-do list, but will feed the inner-self – even if only in small bits at a time.